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During our wandering about we meet a lot of talented artists (young, old, insider, outsider - what's in a name ...) who are not yet being represented by a gallery. We regularly make a selection from all these new contacts and then present them to our visitors during a special exhibition.

Below you will find our first selection of "emerging" artists.

If you are interested, feel free to visit us in person! Follow us on facebook or send us an email so that we can put you on our invitation list.


  • "Lisboa" by Enrique Zapata Aluminum print (10) 60x40 cm 250 euro SOLD
  • "Saints & Sinners" by FRAY - Part of a twelve piece photo ensemble. Alu prints 150 x 80 cm.
  • "Respiro Pacifico" by Davide Bernardini. 60x40 cm Alu-print
  • "Vieste" by Enrique Zapata Aluminum print (10) 50 x 30cm