• paintings & mixed media

    Winter 2020
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Language - Taal - Lingua

Daniela D'Incecco proves to possess awareness and technical dominance of the chromatic element and of the syntax that governs it, and also of the gestural factor - a synthetic and incisive sign - that can be appreciated both in the medium and in the large dimension of the support.

The "themes" that she translates into figurative representations pertain to the reassuring fairy-tale, the marvelous imaginary and the state of enchantment. But also to the memory of adolescence and our ever more elusive memories. Becoming indistinct and evanescent.



  • Alice in wonderland 1 Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 30. 2015
  • Alice in wonderland 3 Mixed media on canvas. 60 x 30 2016
  • Alice in wonderland 5 Mixed media on canvas. 90 x 30 2016