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    Winter 2020
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 Fausto Martinelli was born in Goriano Sicoli on November 14, 1947 and graduated from the State Institute of Art "G. Mazara" in Sulmona and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He taught painting disciplines and visual arts education at the institutes of Avezzano, Castelli (TE) and Sulmona and later became president of these institutions.

He is a versatile artist. He is able to vary in different areas and interprets time and space with the values ​​that belong to him. His paintings are characterized by classic images, ranging from Greek culture and the Latin myths of Ovid to the images associated with the beginning of the third millennium (the rapidly increasing globalization). He combines the resonance of a distant past with the dynamic of present in order to generate meaningful messages that denounce the social and psychological conflicts of the modern world and the malaise that seems to have arisen from deterioating values. The sharp movement of a confused morality clashes, seemingly harmoniously, with the art of true equality, the right to individual opportunities and the importance of the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment.

His works can be found in various private and public collections.


  • Flowers (Fiori) Oil on canvas. 100x100 cm. 2013
  • Icon (Iconia) Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2013
  • Polyphemus and nobody (Polifemo e Nessuno) Oil on canvas. 100x100 2015