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    Winter 2020
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Language - Taal - Lingua

The collages by Frances R. are like a book whose chapters seem to run crisscross through each other. At first you see a tableau of seemingly random bits. Pieces that have not been brought together in order to create a pre-conceived image but are still distinct enough to organically connect in order for a picture to emerge. Taken as a whole, the images and pieces spontaneously evoke multiple narratives and scenes of life. Scenes that were not rationally concieved beforehand and, perhaps because of this intuitive process, are now able to present us with a heretofore occluded, archetypal story.

The illusion of our perfect mirror image is split into a thousand pieces. And is merged with the shards of innumerable other mirrors. Thus, also the work of Frances. H
er oil painting has been torn apart and merged with accidentally found or discarded material. Only much later, when the multitude of pieces have been joined together, will the images emerge from the kind of reality Frances seeks: spontaneous, authentic, lived and touchable.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Brussels, Pescara (Italy) and Victoria (Gozo, Malta).


  • Hades and his son Oil on canvas. Silk and paper. 100x 80. 1800 euro
  • Initiation SOLD Oil painting and mixed media. 70 x 50 cm. Box frame. 1150 euro
  • Untitled SOLD Oil and mixed media on panel. 40 x 30. 550 euro