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    Winter 2020
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We are pleased to introduce the Dutch artist Jeanne van Gelder on Spright-Art.

Jeanne was born in The Netherlands and has travelled extensively during her life. She has lived and worked in the United States, the Middle East and South America. Her experiences of living and travelling abroad (in a world that wasn't so "virually connected" as it is now) has greatly influenced her work. Her artwork has reached private collections from the America's to (North) Africa and Europe.

Her work is often (magical) realistic and can vary in terms of painting technique, sometimes working with thin and sleek layers of mixed hues and at other times losing herself in pointillistic precision.

Please feel free to have a look!


  • Impression at Lascaux Oil on canvas. 50 x 70 cm
  • On the hill Oil on canvas 60x40. (sold)
  • Unicorn Oil on canvas 60x40 cm's.