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Frances R: surfboards


The idea to start working on surf boards instead of canvas was prompted by the fact that Frances R lives so close to the beach and the thriving surf scene in Scheveningen (The Hague). A lot of boards are damaged (or dumped) so it seemed a good idea to give them a new life as background for paintings and collages. At this moment she also buys second hand boards to use them as a background for her paintings and collages. 

The works presented here are a combination of parts of (self made) oil paintings, paper and found materials.

Currently being exhibited in The Hague, Amsterdam and Pescara (Italy)


  • Coins - Collage on surf board - 150x45 1.600 euro SOLD
  • Hestia - Collage on surf. board 165 x 48 cm 4.500 euro
  • Maria - Collage on surfboard 165 x 50 cm 4.500 euro
  • Pharayogini - Collage on surf board 135 x 40cm 1.700 euro SOLD
  • Surf dude - Collage on surfboard 160 x 45cm 2.500 euro SOLD