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From September 2015 onwards we will be presenting stories and reflections written by Jeroen Hoekman. Jeroen (Jerome) is a ceramicist & professional therapist with a business and private practice in The Hague & Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He is a lifelong student of traditions of religious and spiritual thought and has agreed to share some of his reflections with us on our site.

He has just finished writing a modern version & commentary on the Zen koan collection "The Gateless Gate" (publication in 2019).

Strange isn’t it
That when we’re
Most vital
Raising a family
Striving onwards
Earning money
We have so little time to be
And once we think we have arrived
We have forgotten how
Rushing forwards into the empty arms of fantasy
Lured by the naked promise of a meaningful life
We fall through the trapdoor of time
Into a hall filled with mirrors
Shapes and shadows
False memories
Beckoning us
Into an exhibition of the unfulfilled

 © JH, Spright-Art